BOERSMA for Mayor

October 18, 2021 is municipal election day and I am asking for your vote.

You might not know me, yet. I hope we can talk before you cast your vote. I am a proud, long-time resident and business owner in the Town of Morinville, and I have put myself forward for election because I believe it is time for a change. We need to set ourselves up to grow and to thrive like other communities in our region. It’s our turn to flourish, Morinville. It’s our time.

A few of the things I stand for and believe in:

  • Our elected officials discussing decisions behind closed doors and in camera should not be the norm.
  • Looking forward and fostering environments of inclusivity and economic opportunity for all is critical for our community.
  • We need a common-sense tax plan along with a strategy to encourage development of commercial, industrial, and recreational assets.
  • Partnership and collaboration with other regional governments should be the standard, not the exception.

Let’s work together to make this community a better place to live, raise your family and grow your business. It’s our time Morinville.

man in a park

I am proud to call Morinville my home. Since 2007.

I am the son of a Dutch family; we emigrated from the Netherlands in 1971. I have kept my mother tongue and I am now also fluent in German and English.

The fourth of eight children, I have strong family values and I want to create more opportunities for young women and men in our community to flourish.

My career started in the early 1980’s, in the construction field. Fast forward to today and I am now a partner and Chief Operating Officer at Pleasant Homes.

I have had the honour of serving these organizations:

  • President of the Morinville Chamber of Commerce President for 5 years
  • Member of the Sturgeon County Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Assistant District Governor at Rotary 5370, as well as a Past President of the Rotary Club of Morinville
  • President of the Modular Housing Association, Prairie Provinces.

I have a passion for humanitarian work in my spare time. This has driven me to travel across the globe to provide service to underprivileged populations.

My experience is vast. I am not intimidated by hard work and it would be my honour to serve as your Mayor.

Proven track record of service and leadership.


Our community has grown slowly through the economic good times, while similarly sized communities have flourished. It is time to have a long term economic and tax plan to establish a prosperous and economically viable community. Let’s invest in our future and build a vibrant community that will address the needs of all ages and keep our young people here.

Integrity. Community. Transparency.

Man standing in skate park
Election sign Morinville
Simon Boersma for Mayor